0806-Medical Ethics Training Program Nigeria

Professor Dr Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. MB ChB (MUK), MPH (Harvard), DrPH (Harvard), Professor of Epidemiology and Islamic Medicine, Universiti Brunei Darussalam & Visiting Professor of Epidemiology, Universiti Malaya, June 2008



1. Notes on ‘Medical Ethics: Theories and Principles’          


2. Notes on ‘Privacy and Confidentiality’


3. Notes on ‘Consent and Refusal of Treatment for Competent Adults’ 


4. Notes on ‘Consent and Refusal of Treatment for Incompetent Adults and Children’


5. Notes on ‘Artificial Life Support in Terminal Illness’


6. Notes on ‘Ante-Natal Screening and Treatment’  


7. Notes on ‘Unwanted Pregnancy’


8. Notes on ‘Abortion’  


9. Notes on ‘Organ Donation’  

10. Notes on ‘Drug Addiction'                                                


11. Notes on ‘Suicide’                                            


12. Notes on ‘Good Doctor Etiquette with Patients and their Families 


13. Notes on ‘Good Doctor Etiquette in the Health Care Team 

14. Notes on ‘Doctor Misconduct'                                 


15. Notes on ‘Medical Malpractice / Medical Negligence’  


16. Notes on ‘Legal Tests for Negligence’             


17. Notes on ‘Ethico-Legal Training for Healthcare Workers     


18. Cases for Discussion                                                                                

ŠProfessor Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. June, 2008