0801-Ethico-Legal Issues in Emergency Treatment

Background material by Professor Omar Hasan Kasule Sr. for Year 3 Semester 2 PPSD session on 29th January 2008

1. Explain treatment in an emergency when there is no time to get consent.








2. Explain treatment decisions in emergency rooms for incapacitated patients.








3. Describe guidelines on life saving resuscitation after attempted suicide if the patient refuses consent.








4. Explain what a health care should do in emergency if he has to undertake a procedure he is not authorized to carry out.








5. Explain guidelines for dealing with refusal or emergency treatment for competent and incompetent patients.






6. Discuss the relevance if advance refusal for emergency resuscitation.







7.  Describe guidelines on forensic searches of unconscious patients for alcohol blood levels.









8. Discuss the obligation of an off-duty doctor to treat patients in an airplane or on a road accident.









9. Discuss disclosure of information to the police about patients in an emergency room.








10. Discuss guidelines for dealing with domestic and child abuse in the emergency room as well as information disclosure.








11. Discuss the admission of relatives into the resuscitation room.          

ŠProfessor Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. January, 2008